Football is no excuse for Domestic Abuse

For some, kick-off is only just getting started. Domestic abuse increases during major sporting events, particularly football match days. Support is available for anyone. You can contact the Hampshire Domestic Abuse Advice Line on 03300 165 112 The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership is a group of local services and agencies in Hampshire working together to provide help and support for: - Victims and survivors of abuse - Children living with domestic abuse - People who may be abusing or hurting someone - Professionals seeking advice Domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, including sexual abuse by any individual ‘personally connected’ to the individual. Control can take form of, although not limited to; financial, technological or in relation to socialisation. It can often start off small, with lots of different events that gradually chip away or erode your confidence. It can sometimes make you feel that you are losing your “sense of self” and that you can’t trust your own judgement or feel you don’t have the right to make decisions. Visit Hampshire County Council for more information and where to find support Portsmouth City Council offers a range of support for those suffering from Domestic Abuse