Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Check yourself poster

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Testicular cancer can affect anyone who has testicles, including men, transgender women and people assigned male at birth.

Oddballs Foundation want to remind all with testicles to check theirs regularly, using these instructions;
1. Using both hands feel one testicle at a time
2. Between your thumb and finger inspect by rolling the testicle
3. Familiarise yourself with the spermatic cord and epididymis tube that connects to the back of each testicle
4. Feel for lumps, bumps and changes in size, it is normal for one testicle to be larger than the other

If you have any concerns then please contact us to be seen by a clinician.

Find more information on how you can Support Testicular Cancer Awareness Month on the Oddballs Foundation website

Fore more information and support visit the Macmillan website