March 2024- Did Not Attend Data

March DNA data

In March, 88.2% of patients attended their pre-booked appointments with Uni-City Medical Centre.

However, 11.8% of patients failed to attend their pre-booked appointments with clinicians at Uni-City Medical Centre. This is equivalent to 340 appointments; 101 hours of clinician's time that could have been offered to someone else who needed an appointment.

If you are unable to make your appointment, then please let us know as soon as you can by calling us or cancelling through your reminder text message or via the NHS app.

Please be aware that if you fail to attend 2 or more appointments, then you will receive a warning letter. If you then fail to attend another appointment then you will be removed from the surgery list and will need to find a new GP practice. Please see our DNA policy for more information.

If you are late, unfortunately your appointment will be recorded as a DNA.

Please make sure that we have your correct phone number so that we are sending appointment reminders to the correct phone number.